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standard-title Discover the Rich History & Beauty of La Perouse

Discover the Rich History & Beauty of La Perouse

Today let’s take a trip is to La Perouse, you’ll be surprised at its rich history & beauty.

Table of Contents

History Of La Perouse

La Perouse is one of the first settlement areas in Australian history. La Perouse named after the French navigator Jean-François de Galaup, comte de La Pérouse (1741–88).

When France joined the American war (1780) La Pérouse distinguish himself as a naval commander.

Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse

Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse

In 1783 France wanted to send an oceanographer to South Pacific, inspired by Captain James Cook’s Pacific expedition. King Louis XVI planned the itinerary & commissioned La Pérouse to lead the fleet. (You will find a copy La Pérouse’s itinerary in the Rouen Municipal Library, France). On 1 August 1785, La Pérouse left on a scientific voyage with Astrolabe and Boussole.

In Dec 1787 La Pérouse lost Paul Antoine Fleuriot de Langle, commander of Astrolabe and 11 men. The party from L’Astrolabe were seeking water when they attacked by natives & killed in the Navigator Islands (Samoa).

La Pérouse left without taking any reprisals & sailed through the Pacific Islands to Norfolk Island, then on to Botany Bay.

The British sighted La Pérouse’s off the coast on 24 January 1788 but bad weather prevented his entering the bay for two days.

Astrolabe and Boussole arrived off Botany Bay just six days after Captain Arthur Phillip (1738–1814) had anchored west of Bare Island.

By then Governor Arthur Phillip had sailed on to Port Jackson, but John Hunter remained with the Sirius and, and assisted La Pérouse to anchor.

Frenchmans Beach - La Perouse

Frenchmans Beach – La Perouse

La Pérouse established a camp on the northern shore, Frenchmans Beach. In February the expedition’s naturalist & chaplain, Father Louis Receveur, finally succumbed to injuries from the skirmish with the Natives in Samoa. Receveur died at Botany Bay and they buried him at Frenchmans Cove, just below the headland, not far from the Lapérouse Museum.

La Perouse Museum - La Perouse

La Perouse Museum – La Perouse

La Pérouse maintained good relations with the English during his six-week stay. He sent his journals and letters back to Europe with the British ship, the Sirius.

This is now called La Perouse after La Pérouse.

He sailed on 10 March and was not heard of again.

Ok, it’s time to head off to La Perouse.

So How Do You Get To La Perouse?

Getting there (GPS: -33.2749475, 151.5564325)

How to get to La Perouse Map

How to get to La Perouse Map

Regardless of how you plan to get to La Perouse, I have a piece of advice get out there EARLY.

La Perouse is 14 Kilometres South East of Sydney.

You can get there by Public transport (Bus leaves Sydney, you can either catch the 391, 393, 294, L94 or X94).

If you’re driving you’ll want to get out early, so you’ll find plenty of parking in and around La Perouse. On hot weekends it could be a little tricky to find parking, so get out early.

To get to La Perouse you can either drive down Bunnerong Road or Anzac Parade. When these roads merge together you a have about 6oom to reach La Perouse Loop. A little further down on Anzac Parade on the left hand side you will see a Botany Bay National Park sign. You can turn left into Cape Banks Drive you’ll see a NSW Golf Club sign.

How long does it take to get to La Perouse

Distance from La Perouse to popular places.

These times are only estimated it depends on the traffic. When I searched Google maps it gave me these times at 11:43 am Thursday 11 Jan 2018. ( Yes it’s school holidays, so it will more than likely take longer to get there).

  • Sydney CBD to La Perouse Museum, 1542 Anzac Parade, La Perouse – 24 min (16.3 km) via M1 and Bunnerong Rd
  • Manly to La Perouse Museum, 1542 Anzac Parade, La Perouse – 47 min (30.4 km)
  • Chatswood to La Perouse Museum, 1542 Anzac Parade, La Perouse – 28 min (25.0 km)
  • Parramatta to La Perouse Museum, 1542 Anzac Parade, La Perouse – 51 min (38.8 km) via A3
  • Ryde to La Perouse Museum, 1542 Anzac Parade, La Perouse – 38 min (28.4 km) via Victoria Rd
  • Cronulla to La Perouse Museum, 1542 Anzac Parade, La Perouse – 36 min (25.7 km) via The Grand Parade

Walks You Can Do Around La Perouse

Places to go HikingSo, which adventure to start your day off with. Let’s assume you’re happy & willing to do some walking and are ready for a fun day out discovering La Perouse.

Most of these paths on these walks are without large trees shading, so you’re exposed to the sun. So don’t cook yourself because you forgot to wear a hat, sunglasses and make sure you have plenty of water.

Note: The only sealed pathway are sections of Frenchman walk. So you could take a wheelchair or pram in these places. The other walks are not recommended because they’re Grade 3 in Walking Track Classification. It’s going to a hard Work. The other walks Cape Banks and brown rock Henry head have sandy, rocks down hills with steps pathways.


Grade 3 in Walking Track Classification

Advisory_Walking_Level_3_blues250Grade 3 in Walking Track Classification – Suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

Some bushwalking experience recommended. Tracks may have short steep hill sections a rough surface and many steps. Walks up to 20km

Oh, I nearly forgot, It’s a good idea to wear good walking shoes or enclosed footwear on these walking tracks.

These tracks are GRADE 3 walks, so you’ll going up & down rocky, sandy tracks.


Check out our Walking Track Classification Guide

PTGWalking Track Classification

Download our PTG Walking Track Classification Guide

Ok It’ time go for a walk

We have planned out 3 walks while you’re at La Perouse. Each walk has its own unique features & difficulties.

Which do you choose to do?

It depends on how much time you have & how energetic you are?

You do one or many as feel as you like.

Remember to take your Shoes, Water, Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen.

A day out exploring makes you hungry.

You need prepare for the day are we eating out or are we cooking?

What’s your plan?

Pack up picnic lunch…
Get take away…
Eat out at the Cafes, Restaurant & Clubs in the area…I’ll tell you later where to go if want to eat out. OK?
or have a Barbie

So are you planning on having a BBQ?

PlacesToGo BBQ If BBQing remember to pack your lunch to cook and all the other utensils pieces you need for a Great Aussie BBQ.

For a ripping BBQ, you’ll need to pack your favourite Meat, Steak, Sausage, Kebabs on a stick or Bacon & Eggs.

You can even cut up some Onions or even Mushrooms before you. go.

Don’t forget the ICE you don’t want the food to go off.

You’ll find Electric BBQs at these places:

Bicentennial Park – Phillip Bay

  • Park, Accessible Toilets, BBQ’s, Car Parking, Fenced Playground, Park Bench, Picnic Area
  • Yarra Bay Bicentennial Park is a great park. It has it all, BBq’s Parking, Grass area for ball sports or Frisby & swimming at the Yarra Bay Beach.
  • 17-21R Kooringai Avenue, Phillip Bay 2036
  • Bicentennial Park – Phillip Bay

Frenchmans Bay Reserve – La Perouse

  • Park, BBQ’s, Fenced Playground, Park Bench, Picnic Area, Playground, Shelter
  • Frenchmans Bay Reserve is located adjacent to Frenchmans Bay Beach in La Perouse near local shops and restaurants.
  • 36-50R Endeavour Avenue, La Perouse NSW 2036
  • Frenchmans Bay Reserve – La Perouse

Yarra Bay Beach – Phillip Bay

  • Beach, BBQ’s, Bus Parking, Car Parking, Drinking Water, Historical or Cultural Features, Park Bench
  • Yarra Bay on the northern side of Botany Bay in the suburb of Phillip Bay, approximately 7km south of the centre of Sydney.
  • 69 Yarra Rd, Phillip Bay NSW 2036,
  • Yarra Bay Beach – Phillip Bay











You can take a BBQ to Bare Island Fort – La Perouse. As this part of the National Park, you can bring a portable gas bbq that with a fat drip tray.

All rubbish must be taken with you when you leave.

There’s nothing worse than planning an awesome picnic or BBQ and you forget the Sauce. Or imagine dread you’ll feel have no plates or cups or blanket to sit on. Don’t stuck & ruin another day out without checking PlacesToGo Awesome BBQ & Picnic Checklist.

 PlacesToGo Awesome BBQ & Picnic Checklist

PlacesToGo Awesome BBQ & Picnic Checklist

Download our PlacesToGo Awesome BBQ & Picnic Checklist

Toilets Stops

PlacesToGo ToiletsSo before you set off on your walk make sure take a pitstop, because there are No Toilets on these walks.

You’ll find toilets at these places:

Fill your water bottles up because you won’t find any toilets or water on these walks.

This is a National park, please take your rubbish with you.

Walking around La Perouse

La Perouse to Bare Island & Frenchmans Bay Reserve

La Perouse to Bare Island Frenchmans Bay walk

Walking around the La Perouse Loop down to Bare Island then down Frenchman beach is 2.40 km.

Bare Island Fort – La Perouse

Bare Island - La Perouse

Bare Island – La Perouse

Places To Go National ParksLocated in the La Perouse area of Botany Bay National Park, the historic Bare Island Fort is one of Sydney’s most picturesque outdoor wedding venues. Indeed, with its stunning backdrop, it’s ideal for any kind of event hire.

Lots of people go scuba and snorkelling the area around Bare Island, so this could be a good opportunity to go for a dive.

Check Out Bare Island Fort – La Perouse

La Perouse Museum

La Perouse Museum - La Perouse

La Perouse Museum – La Perouse

Historical places To goSo once you park your in La Perouse Loop or caught the bus down. What next

In the Loop, you’ll the La Perouse Museum & Barrick Tower.

La Perouse Museum documents the expedition of French explorer the Comte de Laperouse.

La Perouse Museum is part Botany Bay National Park’s northern headland.

You’ll find the museum within the historic Cable Station building. , The Cable Station was once Australia’s only link to the rest of the world. The La Perouse Monument is not far away.

There are almost 2,000 items of exhibits & documents from the 1787–1788 expedition of French explorer the Comte de Lapérouse. Make sure you check out the complete Atlas of the Voyage of La Perouse.

PriceFreeOpening times

  • 10am–2pm on Wednesdays
  • 10am–4pm on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

The Barrick Tower

The Barrack Tower also known as the Macquarie Watchtower - La Perouse

The Barrack Tower also known as the Macquarie Watchtower – La Perouse

Historical places To goBarrack Tower, also known as the Macquarie Watchtower, built around 1821 or 1822. Located on Anzac Parade in La Perouse. It is Randwick City’s oldest building and an important heritage site.

Barrack Tower is a two storey, octagonal tower. Made of Sydney sandstone tower with an exterior diameter of 7240mm & approximately 7240mm high. The external coursed, sandstone walls are 600mm wide.

In 1831 the Customs Department acquired the La Perouse stone tower. It became part of its coastal customs out-stations. to keep watch for smugglers along the coast. Customs Officer and boat crew stationed there til 1904. It’s believed The Barrack Tower in La Perouse is the oldest customs house in Australia.

Frenchmans Bay Beach – La Perouse

Places To Go-Beach

Come discover Frenchmans Bay Beach La Perouse.

Frenchmans Bay Beach La Perouse it’s a little beach in the Botany Bay, sheltered, so there are no waves, so it’s ideal for small children.

Frenchmans Bay got its name after the famous French explorer & navigator Francois de Galaup, Comte de La Perouse and his crew rested during their sojourn at Botany Bay in January/February 1788.

La Perouse & men landed on the northern shore of Botany Bay west of Bare Island on 26 January 1788.

You will find the La Perouse Monument on the southside of the beach.

It is also the burial place of Pere Louis Receveur, a Franciscan friar who came to Australia as a scientist on L’Astrolabe with La Perouse.

He died here on 17th February 1788 from an injury received during an attack by natives in Samoa two months earlier.

Frenchmans Beach has been cut in 2 section because of the rock groyne (a low wall or sturdy timber barrier built out into the sea from a beach to check erosion and drifting.)

The southern beach begins inside La Perouse Point and curves to the north for 420 m to the rock groyne & then keeps going to Yarra Point.

From the beach, there are views over Botany Bay to the west and Botany Bay National Park to the south. This westerly outlook gives Frenchmans Bay a unique orientation amongst Sydney beaches.

Frenchmans Beach is the first beach when you go around the large roundabout closest to the shops. It’s accessible from the road, the reserve north of the boatshed and an access path near the groyne.

The park has a couple of trees to give shade and has, a small playground for kids to play on.

It’s a short distance to cafés and shops of food/drinks & amenities.

You can even go for a walk along the Frenchman walk,

If you feel like getting healthy, the park has a series of exercise stations.

In Summer why not try Barbie have a Frenchmans Bay Reserve – La Perouse

Check Out Frenchmans Bay Beach – La Perouse

Frenchmans Bay Reserve – La Perouse

Frenchmans Bay Reserve - 4

PlacesToGo ParksFrenchmans Bay Reserve is located adjacent to Frenchmans Bay Beach in La Perouse near local shops and restaurants. It’s a popular grassed open space which includes picnic facilities, a playground and BBQs. Dogs are prohibited within the playground area.

It is a popular spot in summer enjoyed by locals and visitors.

BBQs in the Randwick Local Government Area are timed to operate from 8am to 8pm every day throughout the year.

Check Out Frenchmans Bay Reserve – La Perouse

John Cann the Snake Park and the Blak Markets

Cann Park Snakepit

Historical places To go When you get back in your vehicle head back towards La Perouse as you approach the La Perouse large roundabout on the left you will see Cann Park in Cann Park you will see the Snake Pit snake shows are on Sundays only there is also toilets and parking there.

When I was a young lad, John Cann was the snake man and he would do his snake show every Sunday about 6 times a day. John has a couple books out, about Snakes well worth the read.

Kadoo Tours Tim showing us a grinding stone

Near the snake pit on weekdays you might see the boys from Kadoo Indigenous and Historical Tours www.kadootours.com.au. These run by Tim Ella, a member of the Yuin-Dharawal nation and Grant Hyde.

So if you drive around the large roundabout on the left is Bare Island tours are only on Sundays now, If you look up www.blakmarkets.com it will advise you when the next markets are on at bare island the markets usually are on once a month. You can get some true authenticity Aboriginal products.

Just behind the Snakepit are 2 beaches so just in case you are hot then just go to the first beach Congwong know to locals as Congi, don’t go the 2nd beach little Congi some of the people that go there may take all their clothes off.

Yarra Bay Beach To Congwong Beach Walk

Yarra Bay Beach to Congwong Beach Walk
Places to go Hiking If you’re looking for a longer walk, that’s still a little less arduous than heading out to Henry Head. Then you can walk from to La Perouse To Yarra Bay or to Congwong Beach. Or why no knock them both of, it’s great simple walk.

La Perouse to Yarra Bay Beach & back to Congwong Beach is 3.84 km gentle walk.

Yarra Bay Beach – Phillip Bay

Yarra Bay Beach

Places To Go-BeachYarra Bay on the northern side of Botany Bay in the suburb of Phillip Bay, approximately 7km south of the centre of Sydney. The southern end of Yarra Bay starts at Yarra Point, and coast curves round to the northern Bumbora Point.

The bay has a south-westerly orientation, making it unique among Sydney beaches.

Yarra Bay is a quiet beach ideal for families and swimmers.

Acces to Yarra bay is through Bicentennial Park a coastal reserve bounded by Yarra Road, Kooringai Avenue and Baragoola Avenue, Phillip Bay.

Yarra Bay is a quiet beach ideal for families and swimmers. If your looking for a great place for lunch try the Yarra Bay Sailing Club located adjacent to the beach at one end, and the port at the other.

Yarra has plenty of history with Yarra Bay House, on Yarra Point, overlooking the beach. It’s now occupied by the local Aboriginal Land Council. You’ll also find a sandstone monument commemorating the landing of Governor Philip.

Check Out Yarra Bay Beach – Phillip Bay

Congwong Beach – La Perouse

Congwong Beach

Places To Go-Beach Congwong Beach is located within the Botany Bay National Park and is in the care and control of the National Parks and Wildlife Service. It is a beautiful, calm bay facing Botany Bay.

The beach is accessible from the La Perouse Loop Road. You’ll find Public toilets, shops and other facilities nearby.

There is road and bus access to the western end of the bay with foot access to the beaches.

Congwong Beach is a small secluded beach at La Perouse with a beautiful outlook. Surrounded by bushland and spectacular views, with calm and beautiful clear water.

Congwong Beach is 500 m wide bay bordered by Henry Head to the East and Bare Island in the West and faces Southwest across the entrance to Botany Bay.

Check Out Congwong Beach La Perouse

Ok now it’s time move to Cape Banks Road, so tackle some harder walks.

The Cape Banks Walks to Henry Head, Cruwee Beach & Browns Rock

Cape Banks Walk


Advisory_Walking_Level_3_blues250When you get to the NSW Golf Club Entry sign turn left then follow that road all the way to the end. There is a small car park there Park your vehicle there

If you are lucky enough you may even, see the Westpac Helicopter it might be landing or take off. Let’s hope it’s only a training drill & no one’s injured.

Follow the path around near the Heli Pad you will notice on the left of you there are some old Concrete Bunker. These bunkers were part of Sydney fortification WW II. You’ll also find similar fortification around Sydney Harbour, at West, Middle, South and North Head.

I should mention, you could of a walked from La Perouse over to Congwong Beach then head on to Browns Rock. This works well if you have 2 cars, so you have a car at each end of the trip, which saves doubling back on yourself.

Capes Bank Walk

Cape Banks Trail - La Perouse

Cape Banks Trail – La Perouse

As you start walking down this little trail, you’ll see these concrete bunkers. These Bunkers leftover from when Australia was under threat from WWII. Take the turn left on the Cape Banks Firetrail and head towards the water. If you’re lucky you may even see some whales frolicking offshore.

Keep following track and you’ll reach Cape Banks, it’s about an 800m walk. As you get close to the bridge you’ll notice you’ll behind part of the NSW Golf Course (6th Hole tee off is over the bridge).

Keep following track and you’ll find a tiny hidden Cruwee Cove Beach.

Cruwee Cove Beach La Perouse

Cruwee Cove Beach

Places To Go-Beach Cruwee Cove Beach would have to be the least known beach of the Eastern Suburbs and also one of the hardest to get to.

Drive to the NSW Golf Club then turn left to go out towards the helicopter landing strip where you will find a small car park, and follow the path toward Cape Banks.

Oh, one more thing to remember you also have to walk part way through the Golf Course so stay on the track.

If you’re lucky, you could see Whales.

Remember there are no amenities, so make sure you take food and water.

Cruwee Cove Beach it’s a great to snorkel & check out the remains of the shipwrecked SS Minmi

The SS Minmi was built in Glasgow, Scotland in 1927. She was 75 metres long and displaced 1,455 tons. The Minmi was a collier, carrying coal from Newcastle to Melbourne and returning empty.

Check Out Cruwee Cove Beach La Perouse

You just had swim at Cruwee Cove Beach, now its time to keep walking to Henry Head.

Henry Head & Endeavour Lighthouse

Endeavour Lighthouse Henry Head

Endeavour Lighthouse Henry Head

PlacesToGo Lighthouse You just had a swim at Cruwee Cove Beach, now its time to keep walking to Henry Head.

Follow the walking track as it curves along the clifftops and beaches until reaches Henry Head. This is all part of Botany Bay National Park. Enjoy the spectacular views of La Perouse and Botany Bay.

If you get tired of views walk around Endeavour Lighthouse & discover Henry Head Battery.

Henry Head Battery is the part of the historic WWII bunkers & supply building behind the lighthouse. You’ll see this is a great opportunity grab some photos. You can also pause and remember the peril Sydney faced during WWII.

There’s nothing, but a stunning view. when you have finished with the walks just head back. If you’re lucky you get to see the large container ships coming in or heading back out to sea.

I hope you remembered to bring water because on these trails, no water & no amenities.

Check Out  Henry Head Lighthouse – La Perouse

We’re not done yet, we’ve come this far so we should check out Browns Rock.

Browns Rock Walk

Browns Rock - La Perouse

Browns Rock – La Perouse


Browns Rock about another 600m down the track.

This a popluar Fishing spot., If plan to go rock fishing make sure you wear a life jacket.



The Coast Hospital Cemetery Walk

Historical places To go So you now head back to your car. If you still want to catch up on some more history & some incredible clifftop coast views. Then you should take in the old Coast Hospital Cemetery – Little Bay

This old burial site dates back to as early as 1881. The Coast Hospital later became the Prince Henry Hospital. The Coast Hospital started out as a quarantine hospital during an outbreak of smallpox in Sydney.

They buried lepers who lived in a nearby colony during the late 19th century.

They buried People with infectious diseases, these included. the Smallpox Plague of 1881; the Bubonic Plague of 1901 which ran rife through The Rocks; and a Spanish Flu outbreak brought home by World War I soldiers.

The cemetery also has graves of Chinese and Aboriginal people who either passed away at the Aboriginal Reserve at La Perouse or at the hospital. Hospital staff were also buried at the site.

This old cemetery was attached to Prince Henry Hospital and began life as the resting place of a number of lepers who lived in a nearby colony during the late 19th century. It was here that people who had died of who lived in a nearby colony during the late 19th century. were buried. These included the Smallpox Plague of 1881; the Bubonic Plague of 1901 which ran rife through The Rocks; and a Spanish Flu outbreak brought home by World War I soldiers.

It became an infectious diseases hospital treating leprosy, bubonic plague, influenza, tuberculosis and other infectious conditions.

The cemetery also has graves of Chinese and Aboriginal people who either passed away at the Aboriginal Reserve at La Perouse or at the hospital. Hospital staff were also buried at the site.

You’ll find a published index of burials at the Little Bay cemetery 1881-1952 at the Bowen Library.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service of New South Wales took over running the cemetery when they created the Botany Bay, National Park.

There’s plenty of Wildlife & Native Plants around La Perouse

Places to go Wildlife Every time I walk on these trails I usually see heaps of native animals. (Blue Tongue or other types of lizards they are harmless they are just out sunny themselves.) I have even seen whales and Dolphins.

White-Bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus Leucogaster)

White-Bellied Sea Eagle
White-Bellied Sea Eagles are easy to identify by their white tail and dark grey wings. White-Bellied Sea Eagles are often spotted cruising the coastal breezes throughout Australia. So make you bring binoculars, and make for some scenic bird watching. These powerful Australian birds of prey, mate for life and return each year to the same nest to breed.

Blueberry Ash (Elaeocarpus Reticulatus)

Blueberry Ash La Perouse
Places To Go Wild Flowers The Blueberry Ash is a rainforest shrub which produces blue olive-shaped berries and spectacular bell-shaped flowers, which often appear on the plant together. It is a tall slender shrub or small tree found in rainforest, tall eucalypt forest and coastal bushland in eastern NSW, south-east Queensland and Victoria.

Flannel Flower (Actinotus Helianthi)

Flannel Flower

Flannel Flower

The delicate flannel flower named because of the soft woolly feel of the plant. Growing in the NSW’s South Coast region, from Narrabri in the Central West and up to South-East Queensland. It’s white or pink flowers bloom all year long, with an extra burst of colour in the spring.

Chifley Sports Reserve – Chifley

Chifley Sports Reserve - Chifley 2017-11-22 11.12.39

PlacesToGo Parks If you haven’t had enough fun and excitement for the day and your kids still want more. Then you head to Chifley Sports Reserve it’s about 2 km up the road just off Bunnerong Road.

If your kids aren’t worn out already then this place should do the trick. Chifley Sports Reserve is a whopping 7.7 hectare reserve, so it’s got something for everybody to do. It’s packed with, flying fox, combination swing set, rope & net climbing, inclination slides and rock climbing areas.

Chifley Sports Reserve is an important recreational space for the residents living in Randwick City’s southern suburbs. It caters for a range of winter and summer sports 2 dedicated baseball fields
1 large multipurpose playing field able to accommodate a range of team sports.

Chifley Playground has plenty of fun play features and equipment catering to all abilities. The playground has a range of sensory toys, including drums, rainmakers, voice tubes, reflection mirrors and tactile sculptures.

So grab a coffee relax while your kids explore Chifley Sports Reserve.

If your kids still want more then try the new Chifley Skate Park, located in Chifley Sports Reserve. Your kids can choose to skate 2 distinct zones for street and bowl skating. Either in the large skate bowl or the large street skate area.

Still feeling a little energetic and you have tiny tots in prams or someone in a wheelchair then don’t worry. You can push them along the 1.5k sealed circuit. A couple laps should do the trick.

They have ample off street car parking for 180 cars with accessible parking and toilet facilities. The playground has shade but kids going to explore then they’ll need a hat & sunscreen.

Over the last couple of years, Randwick Council has planted thousands of native trees and tens of thousands of shrubs.

Have fun.

Check Out Chifley Sports Reserve – Chifley & Chifley Skate Park – Chifley