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post-title Why Is It So Hard To Find New Places To Go On A Community Bus Trip?

Why Is It So Hard To Find New Places To Go On A Community Bus Trip?

Why Is It So Hard To Find New Places To Go On A Community Bus Trip?

Why Is It So Hard To Find New Places To Go On A Community Bus Trip?

Why Is It So Hard To Find New Places To Go On A Community Bus Trip?

You should try PlacesToGo!!!!!

Blues Point Reserve - McMahon Point

Blues Point Reserve – McMahon Point

What a great question and I get asked this question a lot, as professional drivers we get to take tourists, elderly people and others around the Greater Sydney area.

Well, the answer is easy. Time; yep just time.

No matter what job you have, we all live busy and hectic lives which means we don’t have spare time to waste, looking around and discover new and exciting places to visit. Sometimes these places could be right under our nose. There’s a sense of delight uncovering a hidden gem of a place to go. You feel like “Shhh I hope nobody else stumbles upon these treasures.”

The other issue is if you don’t live near the area or have friends close by then you really have no reason to look and ferret out new places.

So you & your passengers miss out on the joy of experiencing new adventures

Let’s face it there are some fantastic places to see around Sydney Harbour.

Duff Reserve

Wolsey Road has to be in one of Australia’s wealthiest streets, however Duff Reserve – Point Piper in the street is a great little gem to find.
You’ld need a fortune to live there, but we can all visit the Reserve for free.

Duff Reserve - 4

There are many reasons we need to find something new, maybe to expand your horizons, to offer more to regular groups we take around, or because someone close to you wants to plan an event or just to see something new.

Places to go is your personal advance scouting party. Our scouting party goes exploring the new and exciting places you may not know even heard about or know anything about.

We find and catalogue fresh, exciting parks, so you’ll get a quick guide to see if it’s are suitable for what you are looking for.

Plan you next Community Bus trip without the worrying if you picked a dud place to go… Places To Go helps you in finding new exciting adventures to take your passengers on, without wasting a lot of time going to boring or inappropriate places

Take the guess work out planning your next Sydney adventure.

How easy is organising you Place to visit, when you have all this information on your computer screen or phone

Plan my trip

  • Do they have stunning views, a lookout’s (a million dollar view)…
  • Do they have any seating…
  • Do they have sheltered seating…
  • What type of Park is it? What do they offer?…
  • Can you play ball games, frisbee?…
  • Do they have bbqs?…
  • Do they have playgrounds?…
  • What about drinking water
  • Can you go swimming? Is it safe…
  • What about accessibility?
  • Can I get a wheelchair there?…
  • Is there a wheelchair swing?… (do you have an accessible wheelchair swing if so, do you have a mlak key)?
  • Do they have toilets?… Are they on the other side of the lake? Or are they just too far away?…
  • Are there accessible toilets? Are they easy access these toilets &…
  • Not to mention provision for parking or bus parking…

Let’s face it you don’t want to drive for an hour to find that the spot you found that was a dud, You may want to find a place or places then find a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner.
Imagine finding interesting places in minutes rather than hours.

Or it was the trip longer than you thought and there were no amenities. Now that would be a disaster.

So we hope we take most of the angst out of discovering unknown about places.

View www.placestogo.net.au it is the Place to go to find Places To Go.