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Tamarama Beach – Tamarama

Tamarama Beach – Tamarama

Tamarama Beach a small beach wedged between two protruding sandstone headlands.

Tamarama Beach is only 80 m long, with the narrow sand filled valley behind the beach flowing into 3 ha of well maintained park and picnic areas

Tamarama beach has or usual beach stuff, Cafe, Drinking water, BBQ’s, picnic area, playgrounds, showers, & toilets

Just be careful when swimming because it’s one of the most dangerous surf beaches in Australia and prone to strong currents.

If you are swimming at Tamarama or Bronte, definitely stay between the flags. Check your location as rip feeder currents will be moving water, and you toward the northern or southern headland rips depending on the wave direction. If you are caught in a rip, stay calm, raise your hand and await rescue.

Tamarama averages 150 rescues each year or 5.5% per 100 .swimmers the highest on Sydney’s southern beaches.

The beach is patrolled by Tamarama SLSC, founded in 1907 and one of the oldest in Australia, and Waverley council lifeguards year round.

If Surfing your go then find both lefts and rights amongst the rocks at McKenzies. Tamarama is closed to board riders during patrol hours.

Tamarama Beach is better known as glamorama rather than Tamarama. It’s the little beach between Bronte and Bondi.

Tamarama Bay has had many names. It was called as Dixons Bay after Dr Dixon, a local landowner.

Until the 1880s, the whole gulley was a delight of glens, ferns and waterfalls, known as Fletchers Glen, and considered the most beautiful spot on the coast.

It comes as no surprise that wealthy developers saw an opportunity when the tramway arrived in 1887. So this became the sight of the Bondi Aquarium in the park behind the beach. The aquarium had more than just fishes & penguins, with Swings, Merry go rounds, shooting galleries, Roller coasters & Ice Skating Rink.

In 1891 the aquarium burnt down & in 1906 morphed into Wonderland City, which was the forerunner for Luna Park, it closed in 1911. In 1920 it turned into a public park.

Its Aboriginal name was Oramaramma, which how it got its present name Tamarama.

Parking is a pain at the best of times.

Tamarama Beach is part of the Eastern Suburbs beaches in Sydney.

Watch the waves on the beach lapping Tamarama Beach Tamarama

Watch the gentle waves lapping Tamarama Beach Tamarama.

Listen to beach sounds at Tamarama Beach Tamarama.

Ambient Sounds of Tamarama Beach sea waves.

White noise from Waves at Tamarama Beach Tamarama.



Tamarama Marine Dr, Sydney NSW 2026, Australia


-33.900404036271, 151.27041935921

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Tamarama Beach

Tamarama Beach

Picnic Area

Picnic Area





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